Tree Types – Wholesale

Hunter Christmas Trees – Wholesale

Noble fir (Abies procera) : Our most popular tree and often referred to as the Cadillac of Christmas trees. Naturally grown at high elevations in both Washington and Oregon. This species has a rich dark green color, often with blue-green hue. Nobles have a very pleasant but not over bearing aroma that will fill the room. Post-harvest needle retention is excellent, and this tree has strong branches for hanging ornaments. Popular in two styles: an open, natural layered traditional tree; or a densely branched plantation grown tree. Mossyrock, Wa. has the reputation for being a premier growing region for this species, and is rated second to none for producing quality and color.


Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga) : The traditional monarch species of Pacific Northwest forests. Douglas fir’s have a soft needle that is nicely colored, medium branch strength, and have a good rating for needle retention. Douglas- fir is a popular choice because of its dense foliage, and conical shape. This tree’s economical price points make it a top choice for many retailers. Our professional crews gently hand knife shear each tree to a perfect shape and a light fluff.


Grand fir (Abies grandis) : Sweetly scented, this tree is best known for its robust fragrance. Beautiful, shiny dark green needles with a hint of silver coloring on the underside make loyal Grand fir customers come back for more. Branch structure is good, and post- harvest needle retention is fair to good. When possible, we suggest this tree be sold as a late season choice.


Nordmann fir (Abies nordmaniania): A relatively new comer to the Northwest. This species is a popular European Christmas tree and is native to the Caucasus mountains of Russia and Turkey. The Nordmann fir has soft and flat dark green needles. Like the Noble fir, this tree has very strong and layered branches that make it easy to display special ornaments. Post harvest needle retention is good. With a very subtle fragrance, this tree may be a good choice for those with allergies or those sensitive to the strong aroma of other varieties.


Fraser fir (Abies fraseri): A popular East coast tree, whose natural geographic range is the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina . Fraser’s have a uniform pyramid shape with medium density and good branching structure. This species has a short needle with rich medium green color. This tree has good post harvest needle retention, and a strong fragrance . The Fraser fir decorates nicely and will add an element of variety to any retailers mix.


Natural Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga): This tree is considered a traditional west coast Christmas tree from Shelton, Washington . It was very popular through the 1970’s and is a nice choice for many, it’s low price point makes this tree affordable for those on a budget.