Tree Farm Holiday Shop

We start decorating our Holiday Shop two weeks before the opening day of our tree farm. Much time and effort is dedicated into transforming the shop from a Harvest/Halloween theme during Pumpkin Patch to a warm and inviting Christmas theme during our tree season. The Holiday Shop features several real decorated theme trees filled with Christmas ornaments for you to purchase. We also carry a wide variety of novelty Christmas items, tree stands, waterproof tree stand mats, tree removal bags and tree preservative. Cedar garland and beautiful noble fir Christmas wreaths are also for sale.

During the week we provide saws in the Holiday Shop. On the weekends the saws are provided in the barn by the pot-bellied stove. After cutting your tree and having it measured outside, come back to the shop to return your saw and give your tree measurement tag to the cashier. If you have chosen a tree in the fresh cut barn, pull off the bottom half of the tag and bring it to the cashier, we will give you a ribbon to tie onto the tip of your tree to show that it has been paid for.